Our Success has its roots in our commitment to quality and excellence in all spheres of our activities.


Venus Footarts to be a leading company in the segment and should become one of the top footwear Industries in coming years in providing comfortable and stylish footwear at economical prices both in domestic & global market.

  • To cross every barrier and bring cutting-edge technologies to our country.
  • To produce something unique and different not only to satisfy our devotional consumers, but also the successive generations.
  • To constantly upgrade the quality standards and increase productivity to fit to every income bracket and age segment.
  • To continually strive to offer best value to our customers, employees and vendors.
  • To continue the untiring quest for discovering new business avenues and converting them into successful enterprises.
  • Our strategy relies on growing, transforming, and building the business to ensure its future success.
  • Of up-gradation of product range.


We at VENUS FOOTARTS with an infinite energy, courage and zeal commit ourselves solemnly for a continued contribution in achieving the goal of living to the mobility of profession and winning the hearts of our people through quality and stylish products for the comfort of feet, and up keeping the deserved socio economic, political and environmental standards of the societies in country and the world as well.

Our vision and mission speaks everything what we want to achieve in the years to come and when we receive back today we had grown in size and net worth increased from 8.71 lac in the year 1982-83 to Rs.8921.55 lac in the year 2011-12 and stated with 30 nos of varieties (models) in the year 1982-83 to 234 nos of varieties in the year 2011-2012 which imposes confidence in us that we would reach our objectives what we had fixed.